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Thank you for attending the Birmingham Wellbeing Forum – Behind The Screen, on Wednesday 21st July 21. Please complete the Feedback Form below:

Here is the PDF slides for BEHIND THE SCREEN – July 2021. 
Disaster Recovery Handout July 21

Download the PDFs of the slides for the previous sessions here:

2021 05 19 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – SPRING STEPPING STONES
Visualisation using Stepping Stones May 21
–  Life – Future Pacing Exercise May 21
5 Keys to Healthy Work-Life May 21

2021 03 18 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – Moving Forward with Courage

2021 01 20 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – Daring to Hope

2020 11 18 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – Adaptability

2020 09 16 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – Resilience

2020 07 15 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – Living with Uncertainty

2020 06 17 Wellbeing Forum Zoom – Anxiety

The Next Session

The next Birmingham Wellbeing Forum meeting will be happening on Wednesday 15th September. Reserve the date in your diary now!

Linked below is a useful PDF Resource sheet that was mentioned in a previous session for you to download and circulate.


This is the ‘Growth Mindset’ flyer used in a previous session, for your reference.

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