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Around 800 Members of the Birmingham Business Community turned out to Birmingham Cathedral for Carols for the Business Community after work on Tuesday December13 and at lunchtime on Wednesday 14 December. One person who came said:

“We got to the Cathedral in good time. It looks beautiful – I love those purple candles in the advent wreath in particular. The low sun was lighting up the ruby-red Burne-Jones windows. The service for the packed congregation was just so well done, warm words of welcome followed by wonderful carols, splendidly accompanied by organ and trumpet and perfectly chosen for both regular church goers and those drawn in by other needs, the talk pitched just right. Not only that but they pressed mince pies and drinks on us afterwards! We came out singing and comforted.”

The speaker Nick Cuthbert reminded those there not to let the familiarity of Christmas pass us by but encouraged each one of us to reconsider again the real meaning – the birth of Jesus – and all that follows on from that.

People love singing carols so what an opportunity this was and we hope that people will read the gift we gave them of the booklet ‘What’s the Point of Christmas’ by JJohn. Over £1,300 was collected for two local charities Betel of Britain and the Karis Neighbour Scheme and by drinking mulled mora, which was handed out after each service with mince pies, Colombian farmers are helped by us enjoying the fruit they grow: so that they can provide for their families without the need to grow cocaine.