Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Starting our 2018 theme of “A Fork in the Road” we were pleased to welcome Mike Hoye from Brown Jacobson to share a key life lesson at our City Legal Breakfast last month.


While living in Towcester (pronounced toaster!) and working in Milton Keynes in the 1990s Mike recalled feeling that he needed to move on, that his job was becoming boring! So he found a new job in Peterborough, applied, aced the interview and was offered the position.

Whilst working his 3 months’ notice period and preparing for the job move, he felt a sense of unease. Within a month of leaving his old job he realised he hadn’t prayed about it. He had thought, “If I get the job, it must be God’s will.” Now he wasn’t so sure.


“I felt terrible. With a couple of weeks left I finally cried out to God and asked him to help me.”


After this heart-felt prayer, Mike felt drawn to remember Exodus 33:15, “If your presence does not go,” Moses responded to him, “don’t make us go up from here”. So he asked God to intervene as to where and what to do!

Following a conversation with his dad, Mike came to the conclusion that if he was uneasy with the job move he could go to see if he could remain in his current job.

The next day Mike sat down with the Head of the Legal Department. Unsure of what to say he began, “You know I handed in my notice…”

His boss cut in, not even allowing him to finish his sentence by saying, “If you’re saying you want to stay, we would actually be delighted!” Mike was overwhelmed with a sense of relief and God’s peace, and continued in that employment for another 5 years!

As Mike continues to pursue God’s will, he remembers something he picked up at an Alpha Course, something called the five C.S.s:

  1. Controlling Spirit – the Holy Spirit leading
  2. Commanding Scripture – the Bible speaking
  3. Circumstantial Sign – what’s happening?
  4. Counsel of Saints – advice from other Christians
  5. Common Sense – this goes without saying!