Making a Difference – In a Performance Culture

Making a Difference – In a Performance Culture

A few weeks ago, some of us were privileged to be in the Making a Difference in a Performance Culture session with Paul Valler.

“Do you believe that your self-worth is dependent on your ability to perform? I think a lot of us do.” One of the sentences from Paul Valler last Thursday that resonated with everyone in the room.

He also talked about purpose. “Whatever measure leaders focus on becomes the main purpose”. The thing that’s easy to measure becomes the main purpose of the organisation. What does your organisation currently measure? Number of billable hours, billable rate, the utilisation rate of consultants, etc? Has this become the main thing you work towards?

“An organisation’s moral purpose can rarely be measured by using a single measure, but it generally takes a balanced scorecard. Can we start thinking creatively about how to measure a higher moral purpose for the organisation we’re in, whatever our place or position?”

What about your own personal target and goals in life? The warning from Paul Valler is this – make sure your goals don’t cloud or obscure what you feel your purpose in life is.

We have now uploaded his talk to YouTube, so click on this link to listen to his talk. and please remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel