ChaplaincyPlus Annual Celebration 2020

ChaplaincyPlus Annual Celebration 2020

We had a great time at our Annual Celebration on Tuesday 20th October. Over sixty people from across our Christian business network joined us as well as some new people tuned into the Zoom call. It was wonderful to see your faces although we were sad that we could not see you all in person this year! Thank you for taking the time to hear how God has been leading us as a charity as well as the exciting developments that are coming.

We shared our Annual Report which was put together by our amazing team. Some highlights include:

  • A new strategy which includes describing our existing work with Christians as ‘the Christian Business Network’ and our work with the wider city as the ‘City Wellbeing Initiative’.
  • A change in name from City Lights to City Vibes (our group for young Christian professionals) which has grown into a thriving and supportive online community.
  • Real answers to prayer with over £9,000 raised towards the work of ChaplaincyPlus during the Week of Prayer and Giving along with a new Accounts Volunteer, and two Marketing Volunteers joining the team giving us practical and much-needed support.


The full Annual Report document will be sent to you by email if you are on our network. If you are new and would like to receive updates of our work please sign up here.


We also heard powerful teaching from Jonathan Wright a proactive member of our City Legal group and a legal professional with over 20 years’ experience. Jonathan gave some profound insights around Colossians 3: 12-14.

As we are God’s chosen ones this should prompt us to see our brothers and sisters in the same way – regardless of differences between us whether it be in personality, culture, politics, or differences in spiritual maturity since we are ALL God’s people. We must put Christ first and all other things second.

Jonathan also raised the topic of forgiveness and how important it is to practise forgiveness in the workplace. We find forgiveness as human beings difficult especially if we have been intentionally slighted or hurt by someone when it has been unprovoked but actually we need to forgive ‘just as the Lord has forgiven you’. By receiving Christ’s forgiveness we can extend it to others.

Paul describes forgiveness as an intentional attitude. In verse 13 he says we need to ‘clothe’ ourselves. Just as we decide what we wear we can choose to put on compassion which leads to kindness, humility, gentleness (or meekness – strength which is controlled) and patience with others. In smaller groups we talked honestly about the challenges of being humble and kind in the workplace which are often seen as countercultural behaviours but that display the love of God to those around us when lived out.

In case you missed it or had to leave early please find the transcript of Jonathan Wright’s talk by clicking here.

To watch the whole video click here.

Do share this resource with anyone who might find it helpful. We look forward to seeing you at a ChaplaincyPlus event soon!

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