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On Friday at our monthly City Legal breakfast event we asked Mike Hoye of Browne Jacobson to talk about his spiritual hero. This what we found out.

Although Mike started life as a vicar’s son, and grew up as a Christian from childhood, it was only once he’d moved away to Cornwall at the age of 28 that he really started to think deeply about the Christian faith. He felt compelled to look into different thought traditions of Christian expression and differing theological views.

During Mike’s research he discovered Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899 – 1981), or ‘The Doctor’ as he was commonly known. Over the following years Mike has devoured books of The Doctor’s sermons, as well as collected audio recordings of his teaching.

There are three main reasons why Mike considers Martyn Lloyd-Jones a spiritual hero:

  1. In Mike’s experience, no one else has opened up the truth of the Bible as The Doctor did. His teaching helped Mike to learn who God is and what he is all about. His many sermon series’ were “detailed, deep, studied and fascinating”!
  2. The Doctor was a man of balance. He never approached the Bible with a set viewpoint he wanted to prove, but as a textbook to study to see what God was saying. He took into account the breadth of scripture, not just a passage here or there.
  3. No one has ever challenged him in the way Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones has. After 30 years of reading and listening to his preaching, Mike continues to be challenged on many different things relating to his life.

Mike’s one regret is not discovering The Doctor 10 years earlier. Mike would’ve loved to heard him preach live.


For more information about Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones, go to, which has among other things 366 recordings of his sermon series on Romans. One for every day of the year plus a bonus one for when you’re hungry for more!