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We’ve just finished our Retreat in Daily Working Life – a collaboration between ChaplaincyPlus and Manresa Link.  What a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in to our relationship with God, in the midst of the demands of work and everyday life!  What does the retreat involve?  It’s simple.  At the heart of the retreat, the twenty-six people who participated made a commitment to try to pray with a Bible passage every day for 30 minutes, over the six weeks of the retreat. 


After an opening meeting, each participant met once a week with a trained prayer guide provided by Manresa Link, at a time and place that fit round their work commitments.  This gave them trusted, non-judgmental space to reflect on their prayers and the sense of God in their lives.


Our closing meeting gave us a chance to get together, remembering that we are not alone – we travel alongside one another, in the adventure of the journey into life and love!  Participants’ feedback? 

·         “Simply amazing.  A true gift.”

·          “The retreat gave me a clarity and focus.” 

·         “I found the retreat helped me to look within myself at the desires I have to follow my faith and continue this amazing journey.” 


This was our fifth ChaplaincyPlus ‘Retreat in Daily Working Life’, in partnership with Manresa Link.  It’s a profound – and a profoundly simple! – way of deepening discipleship.  If you are interested in participating in a ‘Retreat in Daily Working Life’, you’ll be glad to know that we are already planning the next retreat for 2017!