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Do buy this month’s edition of Christianity as Mark Greene is guest editor and the magazine is mainly given over to work. As it says in the editorial “I had the idea last year to theme an issue around God in the workplace, and since I’ve never met anyone so passionate about this, I thought Mark Greene, executive director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, would be a person to guest edit”. As you would expect there are a number of encouraging articles on the workplace. Do buy a copy!

For this month of March let us consider our actions. ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ Actions say something about who we are. We are ambassadors of Jesus, His disciples so our action needs to reflect that. Are you sweetness and light in church on a Sunday and then grumpy and miserable in your workplace on Monday to Friday?! If so what is that saying to your workplace colleagues about who you represent? Consider how this lent you can, by your actions, bring support and encouragement to a workplace colleague. Perhaps you can buy a bunch of flowers or small present for someone who needs cheering up or buy the bacon butties on a Friday morning!

May we through our action and word mission follow the commandment of Jesus to:

Love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind and with all our strength. And then to Love our neighbours (especially in our workplaces) as ourselves!