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The book group met after work on Monday 3 September to review the current books. 

Our summer reading had included Complete Surrender by Julian Wilson a Biography of Eric Liddell.  Many had enjoyed the Olympic theme and there was a consensus that while many had seen the film Chariots of Fire (most of us when it was originally released!) we knew very little about the rest of Eric Liddell’s life.  The book was honest and inspiring.  Eric Liddell put God in the centre of his decisions and as a result his life appears to have blessed many people who were impacted by his selfless attitude.  We agreed that this was a book that could be recommended to people regardless of their faith background.

Our other book proved more controversial!  We read The Other Side of Chaos by Margaret Silf.  Although the author is British the book has been written for the American market.  Some in the group found the book really helpful others found it repetative and not an encouraging and faith building read.  We agreed that perhaps for people who were actually going through periods of change and transition the book, which contains many practical exercises, could be a useful tool for reflection and finding God in times of uncertainty and upheaval.

The autumn book recommendations are as follows:

Faith Hope and the Global Economy by Richard Higginson this recently published book will be the subject of the autumn series of Tuesday Talks and comes highly recommended.  It is available in Christian bookshops or on amazon.

Grace and Forgiveness by John and Carol Arnott which is also available in Christian bookshops or on amazon.

Britain’s Spiritual Inheritance by Diana Chapman which has only just been published and so may not yet be in Christian bookshops by is available online.

We will meet again to discuss these books on Monday 26 November at 6 pm and more details of this meeting will follow soon.