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Over the course of December our friend Luke Strickland will be providing our thoughts for the week on our weekly emails. However to help him reach a new audience we have decided to also promote his new ebook called “Life Space : Give your dreams room to grow”!

Here is the Amazon description of the ebook :

“Have you ever felt like your dreams and passions have become dormant? Perhaps life’s circumstances have meant that you’ve had to put them on hold. Life Space is all about giving yourself permission to dream again, to step over whatever’s been holding you back, and to think big. Whatever your circumstances or walk of life there is inspiration and encouragement in the book for you. Topics include making space for your dreams, allowing them to grow, dealing with disappointment, fear, peace, and finding deeper meaning.”

If the ebook appeals to you please consider purchasing it off Amazon it’s cheaper than a gingerbread latte (and less calories to) and you can read it on your Kindle or Kindle app!

Click here to buy the book