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What could we learn about suffering in an evening that we didn’t already know? There’s suffering everywhere and it constantly reminds us of our vulnerability and our mortality. It’s also a major block to belief in a higher power.


ChaplaincyPlus teamed up with a number of local churches to host a thought-provoking event entitled ‘Is Faith Reasonable? Is God Asleep At The Wheel?’ at Pizza Express in the Bullring. The format was simple: a meal and a talk followed by Q & A


Nick Tucker introduced his talk by telling two very different stories: one about observing the world mortality counter installed by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra outside insurance company Hiscox in London and the other about the untimely death of his younger brother.


Nick’s argued that suffering is a conundrum for atheists as well as theists. He asserted that if you believe that matter and time are all there is, you have to commit yourself to the notion that the falling of a human being to the ground in death is no more meaningful or tragic than the falling of a leaf from a tree.


Nick pointed out that if suffering makes you angry then you only have a right to be angry if you believe that someone’s at fault. He believes that when C.S. Lewis looked back on his former atheistic angry self that his anger at suffering reflected the fact that deep down he believed it had meaning.


The next ChaplaincyPlus-hosted Faith & Reason debate featuring Michael Ramsden will be taking place on the 1st of February 2017. Look out for more details.