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Finding purpose at work is one of the greatest challenges in the globalised world today In the introduction Ken Costa recognises that “there is a widespread view that God and business simply don’t mix; the competitive cut-throat demands of the marketplace are seen as the obvious enemy of Christian compassion and love. … If the Christian faith is not relevant in the workplace, it is not relevant at all.” The book deals with issues of ambition, work-life balance, stress, failure, money and giving and spiritual renewal. An accessible, easy to read book full of wisdom and practical advice for Christians in the workplace.

There is also a God at Work 6 session course which looks at how the Christian faith can be lived out with purpose and integrety in the work place. Leader’s Guides and Guest’s Manuals provide a framework for the course with each session taking about an hour and being suitable for between 3 to 6 people.

Title God at Work

Author Ken Costa

Publisher Continuum

ISBN 0-8264-9635-0

This book is available in local Christian book shops but if you would like to order a copy online please use this link to buy the book.