City Men Breakfast 15th May


Date and Time

Wed 15 May

  • May 15, 2019
    7:30 am - 8:30 am


ChaplaincyPlus Office

1 Colmore Row, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 2BJ, United Kingdom



Come and join other ‘City Men’ as we meet to enjoy a pre-work coffee, bacon sarnie, eggs, and a short (but thought provoking) bible study from about 7.45. Contact Kim for more info or to let us know you’re coming.  We will be looking at the topic similar to our discussion in March of  addiction “I will keep my body fit and free from addiction”.  How does this relate to us as men and how we keep our bodies free from addictions of everyday life!

As we work our way through the CVM, ‘The Code’ we have looked at ‘I owe everything to Him and I’ll do anything for Him’ … ‘of course we will! then ‘I will unashamedly make Him known’… ?, ‘Well, that too’. And this month, ‘I will keep my body fit and free from any addictions’. ‘WHAT!’
So my question to myself is, am I looking after my body? are you? are we as men? are we making each other accountable for our addictions?
Are we keeping our bodies free from additions, and what additions are we talking about exactly?? Am I overweight?, do I drink too much? do I eat too much chocolate and have I eaten too many Easter eggs!! Sometimes we are oblivious and blind to other things that it takes a group like City Men to challenge us and to open our eyes to the lives God has called us to live.