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After a short break in March and a successful lunch meeting conbined with City Women in April.  City Men reconvened.  We continued to look at CVM The Code bible study.  Making peace and Standing together.        

Here are some highlights to the breakfast bible study.

Jesus was speaking to a crowd and he said that the peacemakers will be blessed, they will be called children of God. Have you thought that this ‘blessing’ would be like a pat on the back, ‘well done, you’re a good peacemaker.’ But what about if the blessing was also about success? We often say that God has or is blessing to me because I am seeing results or a change, or a breakthrough in a certain area of my life.

  • What might hold you back from making a stand for your faith
  • If God started to bless your work as a peacemaker, what might that look like? Imagine the victories!

With all the good will in the world, you can walk into a situation alone and push trying to ‘help’ and soon discover you’re not helping anyone, except perhaps your own sense of ‘doing my bit!’

  • Have you tried to be peacemaker before and been burned by the experience? Or have you had someone trying to ‘help’ you in some way and it didn’t go well at all?

Sometimes we have done all we can to reconcile and make peace with someone and that person still refuses to live at peace with us, what do we do? We can’t force that person to do what is right.

We must go on and continue to do the right thing and when the opportunity comes up always show kindness and be peaceful with them. We are setting them and others the right example by doing so. Remember that God said to live peaceably with everyone as much as possible!

If we have been hurt especially by someone who was close to us, sometimes it is hard to forget what they have done and that deed comes to mind every time we think of them. Even though we have forgiven them it may be very difficult to put some things out of our minds!