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On the 20th of May we had our 2nd City Men breakfast continuing with the Christian Vision for Men’s ‘Code’ that they produced. In this breakfast time we covered the second Code ‘I owe everything to Him. I will do anything for Him.’ But first off breakfast! This month Kim once again provided a cooked breakfast with Sausage and Bacon butties which all seemed to go relatively quickly! Next we moved onto the bible study and discussion talking about the knowledge that we have about being saved and our sins being forgiven.

In groups we discussed the following questions;

  • Do you know what Jesus has rescued you from?
  • What are your thoughts about eternity in Heaven and Hell?
  • Jesus promises a life in abundance in John 10:10, what do you think that looks like?

The general consensus was that Jesus has rescued us from slavery to sin so that we do not have to live with it or be connected to it anymore, which in turn saves us from Hell. We also thought that this is what a life in abundance was, a life free from sin and fully with Christ.

If you didn’t come to our City Mens breakfast or did and want to delve a little deeper into this yourself remember that the Code has more bible studies on the subject why not find someone you think you could go through this with. This is our prayer this month;

Jesus thank you for taking my place, thank you for setting me free. Please help me to know who I am in you, tell me my identity Jesus, and help me be a man of faith whose pursuit after you will be relentless. Amen
If you are interested in our City Mens Breakfast and want to come please do join us next month where we look at the third code, I will unashamedly make him known through my actions and words’ on Wednesday the 17th of June from 7am – 8:30!