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City Forum met on Weds 27 April to catch up on each other’s Lent and Easter reading.  The group shared opinions on some of the suggestions from last time and their own pile of books they wanted to read including:

  • Dust & Glory by David Runcorn – excellent commentary and daily Bible readings for Lent.  Strongly recommended
  • Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow – good mystery plot centring on an undergraduate US lawyer who moves for the first time from a small Christian community to a larger town.  Some plan to see how the main character develops in the rest of the “Tides of Truth” series.
  • Transformed Life by Dave Smith explored Paul’s letter to the Ephesians & identity & purpose in a life with Christ.  Especially useful for newer Christians and also valuable for established Christians
  • Praying Hyde – a challenging book on the impact of prayer based on the life of John Hyde
  • Grace by Michele Guinness – a personal account of the life of Grace Grattan Guinness, wife of Henry, a leading early 20th century revival international preacher
  • The Abbess of Whitby by Jill Dalladay – fascinating historical novel about a princess who joins a religious communityGrave Robber

The group really enjoyed sharing first hand views and new suggestions.  After a strong recommendation from a homegroup, City Forum will discuss Mark Batterson’s Grave Robber and more items from their growing piles at home at their next meeting on Monday 1 August at Costa Snow Hill at 5.30pm.