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Jeff Lucas LiveMany of you will like Jeff Lucas’ wit and wisdom in his books and column at the back of Christianity magazine each month.  City Forum has recommended a couple of his books (including one of the best books on prayer, “Standing on my Knees”) and so were keen to go and hear him speak.  Six people went to Warley Baptist Church on 9 November to hear him and Searchlight Theatre bring the themes of his book Faith in the Fog alive through sketches.

The evening was entertaining but also contained some serious points explored with warmth and humour about issues such as witnessing and how we deal with letting Jesus down.  There were plenty of challenges, including an invitation to sponsor young people in India to help them pull themselves out of poverty.

City Forum met on 16 November to discuss the Jeff Lucas evening and “Where is God at work?” by William Morris.  The group agreed that William has lots of practical experience of working patterns and pressures to share and down to earth suggestions.  Have you ever considered the Christian perspective on open plan or other physical working environments and how can we make them work for us?  How does a manager or a team member show the love of God in the workplace?  Why exactly do we work so hard?  Tips on witnessing are embedded throughout the book, but without a soapbox in sight.

His approach is honest and low key, recommending building trust and showing that Christians really are different.  This book certainly helps to fill the gap that some feel from churches that have little to say on today’s working world.  Some readers intend to recommend it to workplace libraries and to colleagues with and without faith as part of learning about building effective teams.   We have also recommended that a copy be kept in the Chaplaincy Plus library of useful materials about working as a Christian.

City Forum is growing steadily and always welcomes new members, whether or not they have much time available to read.  To join the conversation, come along to Costa at Snow Hill in Birmingham City Centre at 5.30pm on Monday 25 January or send your comments to Steve at on any one or more of:

Fruitfulness on the frontline book
Our next title for City Forum on 25th January

1.     “Fruitfulness in the Front Line” by another excellent writer on faith at work issues, Mark Greene – DVD or book available

2.     “Transformed Life” by Dave Smith exploring answers to 3 of life’s key questions:

o    Who am I?
o    Where do I belong?
o    What am I living for?

3.     The Bible Reading Fellowship’s Advent book “Comings & Goings” by Gordon Giles containing readings and daily reflections for Advent and Christmas and invites us to make a reverse journey through time from the traditional Advent focus of the ‘Four Last Things’ – Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell – via Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, finishing at the mystery of the Incarnation and Christmas itself.  An antidote to Christmas commercialism and excess.

4.     “Who am I in Christ?” by Neil T Anderson (US) – This is a devotional book – there is a preview of Bible texts included on Youtube – which reminds us of the wonderful identity we have freely given by God.

These are available from many good bookshops or online.  Feel free to recommend a book or DVD for us to explore in future.  Hope you can join us soon.

Next Meeting:

On Monday 25th January, 17:30 – 19:00

At Costa Snow Hill (Basement), Colmore Row, Birmingham.