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7 people met for City Forum on Monday 25 January to discuss Mark Greene’s “Fruitfulness on the Front Line”. Guidance on how best to make a difference in the workplace is popular with the group and many others in the ChaplaincyPlus network and City Forum strongly recommends the latest title from Greene for this purpose.

However, this book has wider appeal too such as to those not working full time in a conventional workplace.  It recommends ways to offer a positive example to everyone we meet – at the supermarket, in the park or on the school run.  It is practical and realistic and contains a useful list of six “M”s to help us remember how to act for the best.  It is a simpler approach than the book reviewed in November, “Where is God at work?” by Will Morris.

It offers a wide view of “fruitfulness” that goes far beyond keeping a tally of wonderful conversion moments.  There are encouraging stories about positive impact that bear frut much later.  We may never know the end of others’ stories but are still called to be faithful along the way so that God can use our efforts as he wishes.  Very reassuring for those who feel daunted by the call to mission or fon’t feel they have a “frontline”.

Fruitfulness on the frontline bookFruitfulness on the frontline book

M1: Modelling godly character

M2: Making good work

M3: Ministering grace and love

M4: Moulding Culture

M5: Being a Mouthpiece for truth and justice

M6: Being a Messenger of the gospel


Having found the book so rewarding, City Forum will show and discuss the companion DVD on Monday 29 February at 5.30 at the C+ offices.  Do come along if you are free.

City Forum’s next recommendations are varied:
*  A venture into fiction for “Deeper Water”, the first of Robert Whitlow’s series Tides of Truth  This may be available second hand as it was originally published in 2008.

*  A free choice for Lent but City Forum has liked others in the BRF series.  This year’s is Bible Reading Fellowship’s Lent book: “Dust and Glory” by David Runcorn.  Another suggestion for those with less time available. Embrace the Middle East’s free Lent course of six themes

* Several plan to read Transformed Life by Dave Smith which is a daily resource for the 50 days after Easter

We meet to compare notes on these on Wednesday 27th April at 5.30 at Costa Snow Hill and all are very welcome.