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“The life you’ve always wanted – spiritual disciplines for ordinary people” by John Ortberg

The Chaplaincy Plus book group thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It contains practical tips for integrating good, life-enhancing habits into daily life.  We felt that the expectations were manageable and that the author understood modern, busy life very well.

The advice is pitched at a good level for a large number of Christians.  It does not expect us to be giants of spiritual discipline or to have huge amounts of willpower, but would require some commitment to wanting to improve a relationship with God and to live more in accordance with biblical principles.  It therefore is unlikely to appeal to non-Christians or those very new to faith, except possibly as a warm and engaging glimpse of Christian life.

The style is easy to read and not “preachy”.  The author is candid about his own struggles with some of the disciplines and was particularly honest and practical about building and improving prayer life.  The author is American so refers to some American food products and TV shows but it was easy to follow.

Strongly recommended.

The value of the book group for those who meet every few months is in the discussion, sharing of experience and time of fellowship.  We hope that more people will share their opinions on a wide range of resources, ideas and themes and so are broadening the aims of the group.  The book group will now be known as CityForum to reflect the value of our discussions on a wide range of issues.

We will next meet on Monday 16 November from 5.30pm at Costa Snow Hill to discuss the Jeff Lucas evening the previous Monday at Warley Baptist Church.  Tickets for the event may still be available and the organisers offer “An unforgettable evening of honest, poignant teaching, theatre, music and mirth with speaker and author Jeff Lucas”. Group members have enjoyed Jeff’s gentle humour and wisdom in two books (Standing on my Knees and Faith in the Fog) and so are keen to hear him live.

We are also going to read “Where is God at work?” by William Morris (who is both a senior figure General Electric + on the clergy team at St Martin’s in the Fields in London)   This is a new book on the faith at work topic that ChaplaincyPlus members are challenged by every day.

In future, we plan to make use of the greater range of publishing formats such as blogs, audio books and DVDs such as “Letters to God from Tyler” or “Amazing Love”.  We will also share our thoughts on what we read and watch through the C+ website so you can keep in touch and share even if unable to come along in person.

Please contact Megan Jenkins at if you want to know more or to recommend a resource for the group.