Mind Gym: What can our inner coach teach us?

Mind Gym: What can our inner coach teach us?

Welcome to the May edition of Mind Gym: a monthly resource to motivate, inform and strengthen your mind.


This month’s theme is ‘What can our Inner Coach teach us?’

I was lying in the bath last night. I felt a pain inside my chest. It’s something that happens to me from time to time. For most of my life, it has been something that would annoy me, a pain that I would rather not have.

Now I identify it as being something useful. I have learnt to listen to it and be curious and enquire about what its purpose is. This is part of connecting with my Inner Coach.

It’s good to tap into our inner-coach, to stand back, to listen to their perspective and wisdom on things. I’m often surprised at how wise they really are. It certainly beats my ruminating or worrying about the immediate situation or pain, making it worse.

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