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On the 6th of October, we had an Autumn Celebration in which Matt Bird talked about his own concept of “Relatonology” …

In the corporate world, it is important to remember that every single person is created in the image of God – who is one is also three, so there is a dynamic relationship at work between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   So we are all made for co-operation, co-existence and collaboration; we are born for relationship, for mutual respect and affirmation.

The Bible sets out the story of God’s relationship with humanity, with all its highs and lows, as humanity wrestles to relate to God and God reaches out and relates to humanity.

Today, have seen an erosion of trust in the institutions of our society – in banking, in politics, in policing, in the church.  God is in the business of re-building faith hope and trust.

ChaplaincyPlus is a vibrant network in the marketplace, working out what it means to engage in the transformational work of bringing about restored relationships.

Relationships offer commercial distinctiveness and competitive advantage.  People prefer to do business with someone they know, like and trust.  Over the years, there has been more emphasis on procurement in the buying process, but the buyer still asks, “Who do we believe we can work with? Who do we trust?”

Ask yourself three key questions.

How well known are you?

New business comes about because of your network, not your networking.  Relationships offer you business opportunities, as you establish a network of people who know, like and trust you.  Business opportunities are generated by people who know, like and trust you, rather than by frenetic business activity.  Two thirds of jobs are never advertised and two thirds of contracts are never advertised.  Often work opportunities arise from weak ties, not just from the stronger links.  And social media can be extremely effective at building those “weaker links” of connection – even though it doesn’t replace the face-to-face contact we have with strong ties.


How well are you liked?

Maya Angelou says that people never remember what you say, people never remember what you do, but people remember how you make them feel.


How do you make people feel in your team and in your business?  How do you make your clients feel?

o   At ease or on edge?

o   Special or insignificant?

o   Appreciated or taken for granted?


How well are you trusted?

Trust is very powerful.  It is based on some key elements.

o   Competence: how good are you at what you do?

o   Caring: do we only care about people for what they can do for us or do we genuinely care?

o   Consistency:  do we do what we say?

These key questions are the foundational to the dynamics that make business go round, in order to have a transformational effect in the market place.


These things are the true currency of business.