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Around 70 people attended our Annual Celebration held at law firm Cobbetts on Monday 31 October. After the drinks and canapés, generously provided by Cobbetts, the ChaplaincyPlus team each gave short presentations supported by testimonies from 4 members of the Birmingham business community: Colin Hutcheson (City Lights), Hilary Rushby (City Women) Graham Stewart (small groups) and Mo Trudel.

City Lights leader Deborah Walton described the business community as a village where Christians shared responsibility for the younger members of the village. She asked for help from those who are more established at work in connecting with those who are newer to the workplace.

Clair Dinsdale encouraged us to grow in our belief that God is concerned about our daily work and in our God given opportunity to be part of a Christian faith community in the city marketplace.

Chris Dinsdale spoke about discipleship and his desire that Jesus would guide each person there as to how to be His disciple in the workplace He has placed them in at such a time as this. How does He want each one of us to support, encourage, and pray for our neighbours in the workplace?

Feedback included the following:

Thanks for Monday evening – great to get together as always and interesting to consider the wider work of Chaplaincy Plus.”

“We all had an opportunity to understand more clearly that it is up to all of us ‘ordinary people’ to be change bringers for Christ and not dependant upon the person leading from the front.”

The event concluded with the announcement by Peter Coggan of a new pastoral support initiative called CityNet to be launched in 2012 and a rousing review of the charity’s finances from Anthony Collins!