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This autumn why not deepen your discipleship by joining in our Retreat in Daily Working Life? ChaplaincyPlus and Manresa Link are again teaming up to offer this opportunity to you, in a way that fits flexibly with your working day. It’s the fourth year we’ve offered a Retreat in Daily Working Life to the ChaplaincyPlus network – a testimony to how popular this has been year on year.

At the heart of the Retreat is a commitment to pray privately with a Biblical passage, day by day, over a six week period.  This is supported by weekly one-to-one meetings with your allocated prayer guide, focusing on what has been felt and experienced during the time of daily prayer and afterwards: the meetings are arranged at a time that fits with your work commitments, in an easy city centre location, such as a coffee shop close to your office.  The prayer guide does not advise, persuade or judge: rather, they are there to help you to become more perceptive and more responsive to the Spirit of God at work within you and around you.  What a gift, in the heart of a busy working week!

What did participants find helpful last year?

“Doing a retreat in daily life encourages you to find time in the everyday for some silence and reflection.”

“Brilliant to pray in the thick of the juggle of work and life, discerning God’s presence in the midst of it all”.

“Being challenged to take time aside.  Accountability to dig deeper.”

“Very helpful to discuss experience (and sometimes lack of experience) in prayer with somebody.  It reassured me that I wasn’t just wandering or making it up.  My prayer guide was not at all judgemental and reassured me that prayer encompasses all sorts of feelings.  She was very good at reflecting what I had said, helping me to see a possible pattern, sparking off further ideas to explore.”

What a great advert for the Retreat in Daily Working Life.

The Retreat offers invaluable flexibility to fit in to the shape of your working week.  But participants are not travelling alone: we share an hour-long meeting to start the Retreat and to finish it, giving us a sense of journeying together.  These meetings will be held in the ChaplaincyPlus offices on Monday 14 September to start the retreat and Wednesday 4 November to close the retreat. Prayer guides give their time voluntary but we ask for a £20 contribution from participants, principally to allow for reimbursement of travel costs to prayer guides.

Click here for more information on the retreat. To book a place, contact Sarah Thorpe by email or on 0121 236 9472 or 0798 224 8949. Places are limited – first come, first served: book now to avoid dissapointment and in any event book your place before the end of August.