The Trustees

The trustees of ChaplaincyPlus are Mark Jowett (Chair), Chris Watson, Amy Tabari, Alexia Binns, Matt Williams and Alan Holdsworth.
Our patron is Anthony Collins.

You can contact the trustees via the ChaplaincyPlus office: Floor 8, One Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ.


The Team

The team at ChaplaincyPlus are Steve Bavington, Kim Yeomans, Sarah Thorpe, Mel Evans, Tim Skene, Tim Roberts, Valerie Sahonta, Chris Whittington and Hugh Rollinson.

The charity in brief

ChaplaincyPlus is a charitable trust formed in 2003. It is a Christian organisation run for the Birmingham business community, irrespective of faith. We are a non-denominational and are mainly funded by donations from individuals within the business community. We also receive financial support from charitable trusts and churches. Please feel free to read our Annual Report for more information about our work.

Our vision is that through supporting people, encouraging organisations and believing in the city we help people to live life to the full.

We love Birmingham and these videos capture some of our affection for the city:

This Legacy: Christian Faith in Birmingham

Forward: A Film of Birmingham

Aerial Footage of Our City